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Great and comfortable cashmere sweaters

The cashmere sweater vests tend to be classic wardrobe items for men and women alike. Cashmere sweater vests might look a bit nebbish but they are easily dressed up or down. If you’ve never owned a cashmere item before, you should be aware where this fabric comes from and why it is so special. Cashmere is typically combed or sheared in the early spring from mountain goats. The most prominent producers of cashmere and wholesale sweaters are China and India because of their large goat population and closeness to mountains.

wholesale sweatersThis wool must be separated from the denser fibers, and is delicate, light yet warm. It can take up to five goats to make one sweater.
Cashmere tends to be quite expensive and will tell the world that you are a sophisticated person of culture. Man can wear the sweater vest with trousers and an Oxford shirt with or without a tie for a business casual look. Or, they can pair a vest and an elegant shirt or a basic T-shirt over the baggy jeans and trendy shoes for a street prep look. It all depends whether you want to go dressy or casual. If you are shopping for the special man in your life consider buying cheap wholesale sweaters, especially if you can afford getting large quantities.

For ladies, the cahsmere sweater vests can be worn in the same way. The key is to give them a feminine feel. There are vests that can double as summer sweaters for women who want to show off their arms. Or, pair your sweater vest with a V-neck T-shirt and leggings for a trendy style. Sweater vests and other wholesale sweaters can also be worn with elegant blouses and skirts for a serious business look. The best thing to do is mix and match your vest and try it on with different tops and bottoms to see what you like best.

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