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Cutting jeans in half – making shorts from wholesale mens jeans

Jeans are beloved for everyone. Every store seems to source good quality wholesale mens jeans or jeans for women. But sometimes jeans get shredded. But don’t chuck them away! You can efficiently repurpose them into shorts… for free! If you happen to have a pair of jeans that are very comfortable in the hips, butt and thigh regions, you can change them into shorts. Usually, the skinny jeans aren’t the best for turning into shorts, because apart from denim they use spandex which will droop from the bottom edge of the shorts. It’s better to take regular jeans and shrink them using the washing machine or dryer.

Decide on the cut of your new shorts. To put it simply, capris end mid-calf, bermudas around the knees, classic shorts about 10 cm above the knee, and short shorts, sometimes called Daisy Dukes, cover your butt and not much else. The style depends on the leg width, too – very wide Bermudas can be very uncomfortable.

wholesale mens jeansStart by putting the wholesale mens jeans on and marking the points where you are going to cut them off. Remember that the jeans will be a bit shorter than that since you need to fold them or they might shrink. Take the trousers off, put them on a flat surface like a counter top, and draw a straight line somewhat below the selected point. This line should be at a slight angle, the sharper the shorter the shorts will be. Then, use the line to cut the shorts, using big, razor-sharp scissors.

Put the new shorts on to see how well it will look like, and roll up the edges. You will sew the hemline yourself or using a sewing machine. But, of course, if you want to preserve the frayed look, you might not bother. After all, you give your wholesale mens jeans a new lease for a couple of months.  


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