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Old school hats for women – a discussion!

If you read your history, you know the flapper hat was very much part of dressing up during the roaring 20′s. A woman wouldn’t leave her home without wearing her black flapper hat or at least wholesale ladies caps. The man was always seen with his fedora. Men’s fedora hats are still popular even today.

wholesale ladies capsRemember the pillbox hat? What about the Charleston hat? You couldn’t go dancing without dressing up in your fancy dress and put on your Victorian hat just made to do the Charleston. Lots of beads on the dresses as well on your velvet epaulette hat. Maybe you added a few feathers to cheap wholesale ladies caps which were always a great finishing touch to your ensemble.

As the time changes, so did the hat styles. In the 60′s some women turned to simple, yet elegant fedoras. The fedora has a light appearance. It provides an accessory but it doesn’t overwhelm the overall look that the young woman has put together. It adds to touch of sophistication, more than the simple wholesale ladies caps. A fedora can be shaped to exhibit the personality of the woman who is wearing it.

If I sound like I am missing some of the styles of yesterday, I guess I am. It seems quite strange that an ageing baby boomer would like to see women wear more attractive hats. Maybe it is because that today’s dress many times doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination and a return to years of some modesty adds an element of mystery to the woman sex appeal. Is she trying to tell me something with the hat? Is it saying she is available? I guess we will never know since wholesale ladies caps pretty much tell me, “I didn’t have time to fix my hair or it is dirty so I am covering it up with a cap.”


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