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Running shorts styles: an overview of styles

Running wholesale shorts are available in different styles, colours, length and material. Some running shorts were made to provide a looser fit, while others are close fitting. There is no one best type of running shorts since it’s generally based on personal preference of the individual runner. Shorter style shorts are generally used by sprinters, while longer shorts are used more often by long distance runners. There are several crucial types of running wholesale shorts available on the market.

wholesale shorts

Split Running Shorts: These shorts are air conditioned and include a breathable fabric with a ventilating mesh across the back. These cool lightweight running shorts will get you where you need to go. These shorts feel and look great, are offered in a variety of colours and at an affordable price. Highly recommended for the light or heavy runner, these are a must own running wholesale shorts.

Baggy Shorts: The baggy running shorts have an extended inseam with an elastic waist with drawcord. They’re made of a lightweight, wicking polyester flatback mesh fabric that keeps you cool and dry as you sweat. These wholesale shorts have a soft touch gripper elastic that will keep them in place. The cycle pad features seamless construction with just the right amount of padding for comfort and protection.

Spandex workout Shorts: The ideal short for exercising, it hugs the muscles for support and reduction of muscle fatigue. Spandex shorts help to increase the blood circulation which helps the muscles during exercise. The excessive movement of flesh during exercise can be tiring. Compression wholesale shorts can help reduce delayed soreness from exercise by compressing muscles to increase the blood flow to heal muscles after workouts.

Performance Running Shorts: Very light weight, comfortable that provide great support for men. The band is flat, not real tight and for some men, the drawstring may not be needed when running. The lighter the shorts are, the quicker you’ll run – every milligramme counts.


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