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Fashion choices of our heroes…

Agyness Deyn is my heroine. She is beautiful, eerily androgynous, and transcends from the world of high fashion and into arts. She has the bold look and her attitude is admirable, and she has gained a lot of fans because of that. She is this sort of lady who can absolutely pull off neon dresses even during the winter. If you want to imitate her kick-ass persona, you can do that by wearing colorful items instead of the predictable gray or black colors that everyone is wearing during this cold season. So keep it interesting and fun. Play around with winter scarves wholesale; they are so versatile that you can wear them as a shawl or a wrap-around that you can cover your head with it as well.

scarves wholesale

Women usually tend to vary their decisions from time to time, depending on their mood when it comes to dressing up. There are times when wearing something black is even way better than wearing your favorite pink or blue dresses. When it comes to shawls, you can also go for colorful scarves wholesale if you are looking for a warmer hue and a high-quality product too.


A bright pink scarf, recently rocked by Agyness is not as popular as a black or a blue shawl. When you think about it, it is seldom being used but thanks to celebrity endorsement, pink scarves wholesale might become the new hit for this year. It looks chic and classy and it gives off a warmer vibe too. This kind of long, warm scarf will certainly warms up any ensemble. You can use a splash of pink to spruce up your otherwise drab clothes. A pashmina scarf dyed pink looks hip. but feels great and that’s what important. Agyness knows how to dress so why can’t I?


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